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April 2014 travel dates
to be announced

Farouk Seif was born and raised in Egypt with a Coptic background, a descendent of ancient Egyptians. His international work urges the reinterpretation of the ancient Egyptian experience for thoughtful reflections on contemporary life.

For centuries, ancient Egypt has captured the love and imaginations of countless numbers of people. Her celebrated monuments and myths are the inextinguishable lanterns of a timeless wisdom. We invite you to fully engage in inspiring activities that evoke your imaginative interpretation of ancient Egypt and reinvigorate meaning

and purpose in your personal life and professional practice. You will have the opportunity to deeply reflect on your place in the world and gain insights into intercultural understanding, unconditional love, and holistic living.

Cost includes accommodations, excursions from Cairo to other cities and locations, ground transportation, entrance fees to the Egyptian museum and archeological sites, local guides and lecturers, and two meals per day. Airfare is not included. Space is limited.



We shall not cease
from exploration
And the end of all
our exploring
Will be to arrive
where we started
And know the place
for the first time.

T.S. Eliot

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