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Photo: Jim Burk

     APRIL 2014 - dates to follow


    Journey into the Dawn of Time

     The great gift that the members
      of the human race have for each
      other is not exotic experiences but
      opportunity to achieve
      awareness of the structure of
      their own system, which can be
      accomplished only by interacting
      with others who do not share that
      system — members of the opposite
      sex, different age groups, different
      ethnic groups, and different
      cultures — all suffice.

.....     Edward T. Hall

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Cultures grossly
preoccupied with
self-expression and
ethnocentrism are
far from discovery
and renewal… .
A culture can maintain
its identity and
discover new ways of
sustainability through
diaphanous perception
of other cultures.

Farouk Y. Seif

Copyright © 2009-2012, Farouk Y. Seif, Ph.D., AIA. All rights reserved