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Farouk Y. Seif, Ph.D., AIA
These seminars & workshops
are appropriate for both
organizations and educational

They are designed as
intensive two-day sessions or
10 sessions (two hours each)
over a period of three months.

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Design for Social Innovation: The Art & Science of Meaningful Change
The intention of this seminar is to explore and experience "Design" as an intentional c0-creating process for social innovation and cultural transformation. Meaningful Innovation is explored in conjunction with the notion of serving others in a manner of which participants are able to facilitate personal transformation, social change, and organizational renewal. The seminar provides the theoretical framework for imagining, conceptualizing, and bringing into existence a desirable future appropriate for human purposes.

Reflective Conspiracy: The Co-Creating Process of Social Change
This seminar utlizes the idea of "reflective conspiracy" approach as an intentional co-creating process of sustainable social and cultural change. The idea of conspiracy offers the intimate dialogical condition central to thinking and imagining together. Reflections during the co-creating process are fundamental for transcending self-delusion and lead to a collaborative learning from and for design action.

Wholophilia: Design as Practice of Wholeness
This seminar focuses on design as the holistic unison of aesthetics and spirituality, order and love and provides a context for rigorous inquiry into wholeness materialized through the act of design. Participants explore the concept of wholophilia in two different but integrated ways: as a prerequisite for systems thinking, and as a manifestation of design action.

Notating Imagination: Advanced Design Communication
The intention of this seminar is to explore notation as an emerging new area in advanced design communication. The focus is on notations as signs that mediate between several sets of concepts, traditions, and approaches. Unlike musical notation, dance and movement notation, chemical notation, and applied mathematics among others, Notating Imagination in design offers a basis for a comprehensive communication system among many audiences.

Visual Literacy: Capturing Mental Images for Creative Thinking
The purpose of this workshop is two-fold. It is to demystify the ability of sketching, drawing, and painting as a “talent,” therefore, acquiring visual skills for effective communication. It is to honor the mystical quality of self-expression as a way of visual stimulation for enhancing creative thinking.

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